About Me

I am a licensed psychologist with a private practice in Eugene, Oregon. I earned my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology in 2006 from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and completed both my Predoctoral Internship and Postdoctoral Fellowship at Kansas State University. My doctorate education was guided by the Scientist-Practitioner model, which means that I am trained in both research methods and clinical practice. I also worked in research for over five years while completing my degree. Having a strong foundation in science has been a significant professional strength and continues to influence how I practice.

Much of my experience has taken place in college and university counseling centers, which is why I choose to focus part of my practice on early adult transition and adjustment issues. I enjoy working with clients who are navigating through this pivotal time in their lives. I worked at the University of Oregon Counseling Center for three years from 2013-2016 so I know the UO system well, but no longer work within its confines.

Specialty in Sport & Performance Psychology
From the beginning of my graduate education and training, I chose to focus on sport psychology and peak performance. I completed all of my research projects in sport psychology which included a publication in the Journal of Sport Behavior. During my internship and fellowship at Kansas State University, I completed a concentration in Sport Psychology and Performance Enhancement. I worked with individual NCAA Division I athletes, consulted with coaches, provided outreach to teams, and taught five semesters of a for-credit course in Performance Enhancement for Athletes. I also completed a concentration in Biofeedback, using the technique to train athletes to create an optimal physiological state for peak performance. Since completing my fellowship, I have engaged in public speaking on sport & performance psychology topics, provided psychotherapy and consultation to athletes, and incorporated performance enhancement techniques into my work with students and student-athletes at the University of Oregon.

My own performance intensive experiences allow me to relate with my clients from an inside perspective. I have competed in equestrian, performed as a violinist, completed an intense graduate school program and passed a stringent professional licensing exam. However, my most significant experiences of performing under pressure occurred during my 25 years as a competitive runner. I retired from active competition at the end of 2012, but my experiences as an athlete continue to be invaluable to me in my work as a Sport Psychologist.

Interests & Activities
Adriana & Melissa revI spend as much time outside as possible, whether I am hiking, with my horse, or sitting out on the deck. Running is still an important part of my life for the enjoyment, stress relief, and challenge that it provides. I also value the camaraderie of workouts and long runs with friends. An interest that I have been recently exploring is photography. The pictures on this website are products of my first good camera, and I hope to someday develop my own style and perspective. Lastly, I have always enjoyed writing but have never done so in a public forum. Creating this website and my blog, RunnerShrink, has been a positive new experience for me. I look forward to finding my voice and sharing it with others.

Professional Licensure
Psychologist, Oregon #2442.